Historical type
of ship from
18. century
is drawn in new version and will be used as sailing and rowing boat

Inhouse Design

Rowing tender with 4.20 meter lenght used for rowing and sailing as well and will be manufactured in high-quality building method. This type of boat be distinguished by durability and inherent stability.
  • Hull made from cold moulded Mahogany veneer
  • Hull outside is coated with epoxy resin 4-fold
  • Wooden surfaces sealed with two-component lacquers in high-gloss finish paintwork 8-fold
  • Seat thwarts made of massive larch wood
  • Rudder and daggerboard made of glue-laminated profile timber
  • Flooring boards of marine ply
  • Balkweger made of larch wood
  • Oars made of Oregon, oarlocks of stainless steel
  • Rudder blade with teak tiller can be easily inserted and removed
  • Wooden trunk and daggerboard
  • Rig made of Spruce: standing and running rigging (mast without spreader) complete equiped with all fittings
  • Main sail used by double sheet and fixed in cleat in sitting area
Lenght o.a. 4,20 m  
Width o.a. 1,48 m  
Displacement   80 kg  
Mast high 5,70 m  
Boom lenght 3,10 m  
Sail area 6/8 qm  
Loading max. 2-3 Pers.  
can be slipped easily    

Engineering & Design          Carpe Diem Yachtdesign - Klaus Röder